External Mouse For Laptop

Those who have used laptops - did you ever find it irritating to navigate with the touch-pad navigation given at the lower part of the keyboard?

I had been using laptops given to me to work at home by the company I work in. Lately, I even bought myself a Dell Inspiron. I must tell you - I love my laptop, but the touchpad was really becoming a nuisance.

The two main problems I faced due to the laptop touchpad:LX5 Logitech Cordless Optical Mouse

  • Maneuverability - It is not versatile enough. I find more control with a mouse - even a old trackball one. (Call me a old timer if you want).
  • False Clicks - It really irks me out when I would be typing something in a text box or in a word processor, and due to the unintentional touches of my thumb on the touchpad, the focus goes else where and it is a big mess.

These were the two main reasons that I thought of getting myself an external mouse. (Another reason was that at office, my mouse had gone faulty and it was a long process to get it replaced).

I got myself one - LX5 Logitech Optical Cordless Mouse. It is a cheap one, without any frills. I have seen better mouses but this one served my purpose.

It does act strange sometimes but I am way better of than using the touch pad. This mouse comes with a interface that needs to be connected to a USB port, and also the mouse itself requires two 'AA' batteries.

I was wondering - have you made a similar choice and used a external mouse for your laptop?

PS: No. This is not a paid review. Logitech or any of its affiliates have not paid me for writing this post. It just goes along with the other posts about things I have bought ( and feel like showing off), and that is the sole reason I write this post.

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